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Where To Stay  

Christina Cox,
Tyee (Big Chief) of Kyuquot

Leo Jack


If you will be using our services, please contact us for information regarding campsite and bed & breakfast facilities in the Kyuquot area.

We have maps for sale of where to camp and get water in Kyuquot Sound and Brooks Peninsula.
$20.00 includes 2 maps
(8x11) 100% waterproof.

Please note:
Camping is not allowed in the Ecological Reserves.

Places to camp in Kyuquot sound area:
Leo Jack can speak on behalf of his aunt Christina Cox who is Tyee (Big Chief) of Kyuquot.

Places to camp in the Brooks Peninsula area:
Lucy Paivio who lives on the Bunsby Islands can speak on behalf of her brother who is Tyee (Big Chief) of Che:k:tles7et'h. Contact Lucy through Leo Jack



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