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Water Taxi Services

We offer Water Taxi Shuttle Services - Kyuquot, Bunsbies, Brooks Penninsula, and more.
For pricing and details, please contact us!
Daily Water Taxi service from Fair Harbour, Kyuquot and surrounding area
(Please note: we don't recommend driving to Artlish - the road is not well maintained.)

Whale Watching
Gray Whales and Orcas, seasonally

Beach Site selection
We can take you to the most beautiful places on the West coast. Let our local expertise help you with your camp site selection.

Need a ride back?
MV Voyager -12 passenger water taxi west coast BC
Click photo to enlarge!
Kayak Transportation
By appointment only: please contact us.
If you're out paddling in Kyuquot or the Brooks Peninsula area, and need a ride back, no problem! Just call me on VHF 14 or use your sat phone. Rent a VHF Radio or a satellite phone (about $50/week and $2/minute to talk) from North Island Communications in Campbell River at 250-287-9207 (toll free 1-877-977-9207).

Travel Times:

Drive from Campbell River to Fair Harbour -
about 3 hours.
When you get to Fair Harbour, drive to the government dock where I will pick you up. There are 3 docks. Do not use the dock where the fuel tanks are unless you get permission.

Water Taxi Travel Times:
Fair Harbour to Spring Island - 1 hr
Fair Harbour to Rugged Point - 1 hr
Fair Harbour to Brooks Penninsula - 2 hrs


Capacities & Rates:

Water Taxi Capacities:
Hurricane water taxi - 3 people & kayaks
Voyager water taxi - 4–8 people & kayaks

Fair Harbour to the Bunsbies
& Brooks Penninsula:

Voyager - 4 to 8 people with kayaks
$300 - $700 one way

Hurricane - 1 to 3 people with kayaks
$200 - $450 one way

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