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We have a raft of about 100 sea otters that live just five minutes from Kyuquot, all year round. The waters of Brooks Peninsula are home to BC's sea otter population.

Decimated by the fur trade in the early 1900s, and completely wiped out in BC by the late 1920s, sea otters from Alaska were transplanted to the northwest coastal waters in 1969-1972. The present population on Vancouver Island is estimated at 2000.



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Kayaking is one of the most popular activities here in this remote area of the west coast of Vancouver Island. You may find the links at right useful if kayaking is something you're interested in.

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Darrell Jack at the Rediscovery Camp, gets ready (at left) for an evening of song and dance at Battle Bay in the Brooks Peninsula. Alex Jules, who works with the Rediscovery Camp, says all kayakers are welcome to drop in at any time to visit.

Rediscovery will have three separate camp-outs in August. Camps will be at Rugged Point, Spring Island, and Battle Bay. Camp dates are unknown right now.

Hiking through the trail on Spring Island in March. Spring, Aktis and Mission Island are the only Islands in our area with no resident predators such as cougars, wolves and bears. so deer are plentiful and it's a safe environment for families.

Hikers out in the Brooks Peninsula
Don catching dinner (Jackobson Pt)
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Spring Island had a weather station back in the 1960's. This trail used to be a road for hauling supplies up to the 12 or so people that operated the radio station on Spring Island.

This trail takes you through the middle of the island to some of the most beautiful beaches surrounding the Kyuquot area.

Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park
There are no facilities available in the undeveloped park.

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Elaine prepares fire for catch of the day (Jackobson Pt)
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Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park is located on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. There is no road access to the park. Boat access is from Fair Harbour and Kyuquot on Kyuquot Sound.

Explore the wild ocean coastline, pristine estuaries, fjords, old-growth forests and rugged mountain ranges or join a multi-day sea kayaking expedition. Features of the park vary from intertidal and beach areas to alpine and subalpine regions. Archaeological sites containing the remnants of cultures that thrived here over the past several thousand years have been identified in the area.

The park is home to the Marbled Murrelet that nests in the thick moss of old-growth coastal rain forest. These birds spend their whole life at sea except when they go ashore to nest. The natural nesting habitat of the Marbled Murrelet has been threatened by clearcut logging of the old coastal forests.

Acous is one of the last places in Kyuquot to remind us of how our ancestors lived. The remaining totem poles lay on the ground. Tourists are welcome to come and take pictures. No camping is allowed: day trips only.

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Cabin on Thornton Island
, built by George Sirk in the 1970's, located 1 1/2 miles Southwest of Union Island.

Everyone is welcome to stay at this cabin. The cabin is located on the Northeast side of the island.

Thornton Island is a nesting place for many birds such as seagulls, eagles, ducks, crows, and many other birds.

If you paddle in on the East side of Thornton Island, there is a gravel beach where you can go ashore.



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Seagulls nesting on Thornton Island.

Cabin on Thornton Island
Cabin on Thornton Island
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Jackobsen Point on the Brooks Penninsula
Surfer's beach and Jackobson Point,
Brooks Peninsula
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